Big Dreams


Without Walls

Dear Chad,

It is on this day, you once again come across parting paths. One path leads farther down a road of your own dismay, while the other road leads to opportunities beyond your imagination. The choice isn’t easy, when overthinking the possibilities, however when only thinking for yourself, the choice is simple.

The Path of Dismay

Should you choose to continue this path, you will continue the path of pleasing others. This breaking point will bring you even deeper into stress related depression. You chose this path based on the hope of change, happiness, and empowerment because of promise. During your journey so far, you have only found unenjoyable circumstances, struggle, and a dead end.

The Path of Opportunity

Down this path, should you choose to travel, you will find your hope, happiness, and adventure. Although taking a risk, you are well prepared with an arsenal of dedication, passion, and perseverance. Although this path may not offer you the “benefits” of the Path of Dismay, you will no longer feel the desire to give up. Once again you will be opened up to a world of opportunity, which you will have the power to change.

Again my friend, the choice is yours and yours alone. Today is the day where you choose to live in the shadows of others thoughts and oppression, or start living for what you truly believe in.

Best Regards

Alive in the Lights

From the beginning I knew I was different. I embraced it, but you didn’t. Your normal life, 9-5, it’s just not for me. I need to feel alive!

I won’t fall like the rest of them, they’ve come & gone with the wind. I hear the doubt in the back of your mind but still I’ll see this through to the end.

Maybe if you paid more attention, asked more questions & actually listened you would see this is not just a dream, but a path I’ve chosen that means everything to me.

Don’t you see the minds that have changed? Do you see the lives that have been saved? Don’t you care to see the difference I’ve made?

Listen closely, the highways call my name. Don’t you see this is my everything? It may not seem right to you & you might not approve but it’s real. This is the only thing that makes me feel.

What more do I have to do to finally prove myself to you? What is it that you need to see to finally believe this is who I’m supposed to be?

Most days I feel like your punching bag, but I will never let it hold me back. I just wish for once you knew how it felt to be brought down lower than everything else.

Don’t you care to see the difference I’ve made? Listen closely, the highways call my name. Don’t you see this is my everything? It may not seem right to you & you might not approve but it’s real. This is the only thing that makes me feel. This is who I am! This is my life. I come alive in the lights! I come alive in the lights.

What will be written on your tombstone? You sat behind a desk. You had no backbone. What will be written on your tombstone? You sold your soul, grew old alone. Would you prefer that I become a lifeless, hollow shell such as yourself? Would you prefer that I give up my dreams & lose all hope just like everyone else?

Don’t you see the lives that have been saved? Listen closely, the highways call my name. Don’t you see this is my everything? It may not seem right to you & you might not approve but it’s real. This is the only thing that makes me feel.


Dear Chad,

Good morning. I know the day already feels long because of the dread. I know your situation is dire and you long for a gleaming light, and hopefully on this morning, I can give that to you.

You have been living a life full of lies. Lies created by yourself to “protect” yourself. You never were protecting yourself anyhow, instead, you were your own punching bag. Constantly I stood back and watched you beat yourself down. Deeper and deeper you pummeled yourself. There was nothing more I could do than simply stand back and watch. Your screams for help and your delusional outlook only blinded you from your one true help…yourself.

You base life off of circumstance and questioning, but life is only meant to be lived…not always interpreted. Sometimes life is what it is, and nothing more. That’s why today, I am going to share with you a second chance on how to happily live your life.


You have spent your life so far questioning, examining, and overthinking every possible situation. You have done this to a point where you have not only put yourself in depressing situations, but have also missed out on great opportunities.

Truth be told…

You are great.

You have talent.

You are amazing.

You just have to realize that for yourself in order for succession.

I believe you already know all of this. Deep down, you know what you are capable of. It is time to make a change in your life. You can choose to accept it, or ignore it. Before you make your choice, I want you to answer one question.

How has your life worked out by complexity?

It’s time to start living by simplicity and indulging yourself in the things that make you great. The things that make you unique. Most importantly, it is time to start taking part in the things that make you who you are.

Stop thinking about others perspective. Stop trying to make everyone else happy, they have the power to do that. Start speaking out, or you will miss your opportunity.

Best Regards


Dear Chad,


Perhaps the first sequential thought that passes through your mind. A thought that is followed by a question, where? Where will you go? What will you do? How will you do it? Questions that you cannot answer, therefor you continue beating yourself down because you have failed. You have failed to escape your own four walls. Walls built by your continuing mistakes.

Truth be told, you have spent your whole life running. Running in circles like a dog chasing its tail. You were always to blind to see that. Thinking so narrowly that success was going to be easy or that even obtaining a little happiness was damn near impossible.


Now you have accepted your prison, and rather than make an attempt to escape from the very foundation you have created, you have given up. Now instead of trying to run from the one thing that keeps you planted firm in the seed of failure, is the one thing you have accepted as protection. You choose to remain alone, while there is comfort in good company. Thrown away the talent you worked so hard to achieve.


Amidst doubt, a fire still burns yearning for a desire. A desire to be set free and once again illuminate intense radiance. It’s hope that gives you power, however it is desire and ambition that give you courage. Courage you have lost, because you have given up.


It is only through redemption that you will achieve your inner most desires. Redemption is your strength to tear down the walls, or else you will lie here forever.