The Ride of Life

Dear Chad,

Life is pretty crazy with what it can throw at you. Some days for me are the worst days of my life, while others couldn’t get any better…

Today is one of those days where I don’t believe things could get a whole lot better. I just kind of woke up this way, and I like it. The past couple of days were super rough, however that darkness has passed and I can rest easy until next time.

This is my life and it always has been. I don’t know what days will be good and what days will be bad. I never know when something will trigger my next dark journey, or how long those feelings will last. What I do know is when good days are here, I must enjoy them to the fullest. I try not to take them for granted when they come around, but instead embrace them and welcome them to stay.

I have amazing people in my life that care and understand about how crazy I can become at times, and when my mind is clear, I appreciate them. When my mind is dark, I feel for them.

Last night I spent a few hours with my wonderful girlfriend who really helps me through these things. She cares, she understands, and she is willing to help…even if she is the one that triggered my emotions. She helps me to keep my feet on the ground, and for that I am thankful.

I don’t like having dark days, but not matter what I try, nothing seems to be able to stop it. I try to always remain optimistic for the days ahead, but sometimes that seems damn well near impossible.

One of my biggest stresses I have been surrounded by the past three months was my job. I hated every minute of it. I dreaded going into work, I stressed the entire time I was there, and I always felt drained after leaving. Even on my days off, I just thought about having to eventually go back. Two days ago I decided to leave that place and go back to an old job that once made me happy. A job that keeps my mind busy and I enjoy doing.

I think with the support of my girlfriend, my friends, my family, and my job change…things will start to get better. Here is to being hopeful of a positive and bright future!

  • Chad

Do Something You Love

Dear Everyone,

I have always been told, “Do what you love and the money will come”. Yes, doing what you love and making money at it is great, but never forget the most important part. As an artist (photographer) there are times that I struggle at my craft financially. It’s not cheap to purchase gear, insurance, and afford travel all the time, especially when working on personal projects that have no monetary gain. Sometimes when you work so hard towards something and don’t seem to get anything back in return, it often becomes discouraging.

That is how I have felt over the past seven years or so when I look back on my photo work. Sure I have won multiple awards, met some amazing people, traveled to some cool places, and even received decent monetary gain, however I am still not 100% doing what I love for money. THAT NO LONGER BOTHERS ME.

Money is important yes, but doing what you love and enjoy far outweighs the wallet.

Today, I bring to you my first video of a short series on my “Self Titled” photo project I started and wrapped up in 2013. Never before have I went into detail about these images, but that all changes now. I feel it is important to express some of the stories and emotions that went into making these images with my new direction in life. I feel that these videos will fit in perfectly with DearChad and hopefully encourage, enlighten, and even inspire many of you to new heights!

Here’s to you everyone! Be sure to let me know what you think as the videos keep rolling out!



5 Reasons to Never Give Up

Dear Everyone,

There come times in your life where the only option seems like giving up. I have learned from much experience that when the going gets tough it is not time to quit, but keep moving forward. If you choose not to give up, you will learn more valuable knowledge and become even stronger. Here are my 5 Reasons You Should Never Give Up.

1. It Will Get Better

If you have ever went through a hard time, you already know everything gets better. Not only do things eventually get better, but you become stronger. I know some times can be especially difficult, however once you push forward, you can be proud to know that you succeeded. Any battle you ever win is another fortification of your own mental defense.

2. You Learn Valuable Lessons

Consider tough times as powerful learning experiences. When you encounter hardships in your life and push through them, you can learn ways to overcome future hardships or even avoid them altogether. If you choose to view the silver linings in any situation rather than the negative, you already hold a powerful key to unlocking a future you desire. Remember that we learn to become smarter and we are tested to show what we have learned.

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Born to Fly

Dear Everyone,

You were born to fly.

Often in my life when things start to look gloomy, I think of ways I can turn those events around. Sometimes planning is hard when bad times strike out of nowhere, but maybe that is a good thing. You can never truly be prepared for anything that happens in your life, but that brings me to my first point; if you cannot prepare for everything, why worry about areas you do plan for?

Perhaps you want to try to do something new in your life like moving away, finding a new job, continuing your education, or trying out a new hobby. The road ahead may be dark and unclear, but I believe you have more of an advantage there than just sitting around waiting for something bad to happen. Rather than allowing bad events to just pop up and take the better of you, why don’t you do that to them? Think of your new journey like driving in a car down a dark road. Although you cannot see everything, your headlights illuminate just enough for you to see to keep moving forward. Life is very similar in that you cannot always see too far ahead, but you can see just far enough…especially if you have planned for it.


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This Little game we call Life

Dear Everyone,

I just want to make a little post to announce a book I am currently working on. I am announcing this book for two reasons:

1. is to give me an official public release so I will actually work towards finishing this piece.

2. The other reason is that I want to inform everyone who reads DearChad because I will be offering the book for free when it releases to all of my readers for a short time.

My book will be titled: This Little game we call Life: Over Thinking, Anxiety, and Depression. 

I am going to go extremely deep with this book as I pour into it every fiber of who I am. I will be revealing all of the darkness of my life which includes all of the events that lead up to the person I am today. I am writing this book to relate to others. I want to shed a little light into the dark areas of other’s lives so that they too may be able to work their way towards a happier and healthier life.

When I began DearChad in the fall of 2014, I started the blog as a personal release, however I have since connected with many wonderful individuals. My goal in life is to change the world in a positive light and for that I believe this book with serve as not only my foundation, but also a bridge. I want more out of my life, and what better way to do that than to share my everything with the rest of the world. There is no room to be greedy, but there is plenty of room to love.



Where do we go from here?

Dear Someone,

Words cannot begin to describe the emotions that are flowing through me. Let this post be proof to you that no matter how successful you becomeyou will still experience some downs in your life. Never believe that anyone else lives a perfect life…I hope that is some encouragement for you during your struggles…you are not alone.

With that being said, I have hit a brick wall. As I stand here scratching my head and wonder how I am going to continue on my journey, I scream. From the outside I am fine, everything is fine. On the inside, I am a mess. I honestly should not be experiencing worry just yet, there is time for that in the near future. For now I should be calm, optimistic, and full of life however I am not.

I feel that every step forward I have taken to this point was a step in the wrong direction….but that is where the journey could actually begin!

Let’s flip this scenario….

To many times have adventurers (myself included) reached this point and proceeded to do one of two things:

  1. Turn around and give up
  2. Start going in another direction

Let me be clear on thisTHIS IS NOT THE TIME TO STOP. Sometimes when you encounter a wall, your destination is just on the other side. That wall you come to…could be your final obstacle before finally grasping the very rewards of everything you have ever worked for.


Best Regards,


The Difference between Medicine and Poison is in the Dose.

Dear Whoever,

My love for music is more often than not very obvious. Sometimes, I like to throw in snippets of my love for music in posts, titles, or even in analogies. Sometimes it is the music alone that inspires me to do something great, other times it is the words within the song. On some occasions, the title of a song is merely enough to give me inspiration or spark deep thought.

Let’s take the title above “The Difference between Medicine and Poison is in the Dose“. This is a song title from one of my favorite bands, Circa Survive. I have been listening to this group since 2005 and they have never grown old to me. I love everything about the band from their music, to their lyrics, to their stage presence, and even to their though provoking ideas.

In all honesty, I have been struggling the past few days. I have been having negative thoughts cross my mind and I have tried everything in my power to stop them. I’m not too worried about this situation because everyone has some bad days every now and again. No matter how great your life is, you are going to have some bad days. Nevertheless, I have been thinking that sometimes, too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. Although having an abundance of positive vibes is great, occasional negative events are needed.

Think about it this way. If each and every single day of your life was just perfect, two things would eventually occur:

1. You would become blind to the need to help others when times are less fortunate for them.

2. You would no longer appreciate the life/things you have.

I believe that being exposed to extended periods of positivity with no negatives eventually picks your feet up off the ground and no longer are you connected with these things. Maybe you start taking things for granted or perhaps you just stop loosing gratitude for all that is around you.

I think that is in part what happened to me. I was so heavily concentrated on future momentum, I failed to pay attention to some of the things that have been standing right in front of me. Essentially, my own medicines became my own poison. It’s rather easy to avoid this if only you pay attention to what you are putting in the dose.


– Chad