Same Space

I’m traveling down a highway at a scary fast pace. I can see the road ahead of me and I’ll have to make a choice of direction to go. The road isn’t straight and narrow anymore, but wide and full of choices.

I’m torn.

I’m torn between the two directions I can take. I am torn because half of me desires one path, while half of me believes the other path would be better…

Turning Left.

If I turn left, my life will be full of unknown ups and downs. The good times will be great, however the bad times will be dark. I will be pulled in many directions until I believe I will reach the point where my body and soul cannot stretch anymore.

Even with the unfortunate company of darkness, this path too is full of light. This path is mixed with love, care, concern, and support, however I do not know if it will be enough. I don’t believe the forces down this path are where they need to be for things to run smoothly. I don’t believe the external forces and myself are in the same place just yet.

Turning Right.

This choice of turn will be a difficult one at that. It will be difficult because this turn will change everything. Everything that has been conformed to this point will be lost, and that terrifies me. I’ll have to start anew and rebuild after the demolition. I’m scared to rebuild again. I’m not so convinced I will ever be able to restart successfully. I feel like my times at doing so are getting low, if even existent anymore at all.

What I desire. 

I desire a life where I can be constantly happy. I desire a job where I can make enough, while also enjoying my time. I want someone to share my time with. Someone who is passionate, caring, and on the same page. I desire a life full of love, care, happiness, and as stress free as possible.

I believe I know deep down all the things I need to do in order to achieve this happiness, even if the choices are not what I am ready for. I suppose I don’t have to be ready, I just need to be willing.

  • Chad



Nothing to live for

Dear Whoever,

Now hold on a minute! I’m not talking about…you know. I’m not talking about literal death, but mental death. I’m talking about modern society. The topic I want to discuss is something that has been on my mind for a long time now. It’s something I preach about quite often, and it’s the core theme of my upcoming book. Get ready because this is going to be an intense ride…

Calling all humans

What have we let this world become? Allowing the future youths to grow up in a world of “protection”. While we may think we are giving the future generation a good life, we are not giving them a truthful life. When we start taking away the very core of life from the teaching and growing process, are we really preparing youth and ourselves for the real world?

Let me explain…

Instead of encouraging someone with the hopes and dreams of being something great, we crush them down.

“Only some will accomplish this” 

“Maybe you should consider another option”

“You know this is going to be very hard to obtain, have you thought about that”


WHY…are we not encouraging a “big” mindset? Why are we tearing them down? I think this is because of a few core reasons.

1. Some of us are afraid to allow others to take a chance because we failed and don’t want to see the same happen to someone else.

2. Some of us failed and do not want others to succeed where we did not

3. Persons of power are fearful that someone better will come along and replace them.

Here is a great thought…

Why not start encouraging and supporting the ideas of others instead of dragging them down. I see and hear this everyday. Always a case of someone changing their path because of the belief that they cannot do something. A belief that is planted like a seed to grow. A blossoming for lack of a greater good. STOP IT.


It’s just up to you to make that happen. If you don’t like something don’t do it. If you want something, go get it. NOTHING with meaning will ever be handed to you. Don’t be afraid to take what you want. No dream in my eyes is too big. If you tell me you want something, I’ll tell you to go for it. To do it. To make it happen. I’ll encourage and support you all the way until the end.

STOP being born as a star and living as a slave. Don’t cave into linear sameness when you can be something great.

If you are living, you are breathing, and you are capable.



Becoming the Archetype

Dear Whoever,

If you have been following Dear Chad for awhile now, you know that my posts exemplify the aspects of life that typically bring us down. Although I don’t write about subjecting yourself to negativity, I do write about how to embrace it. Today’s post is no different, but due to recent evens my mind has been returned to a previous state (for the better).


Five High School students at school. graduation students KS97573

Home to the goofy, the proud, the secretive, and the fearless. In the inner sanctum of high school, we all share the common trait of being invincible. Together we are strong because we have each other. Rather we know it or not, our friends are everything to us and for the remainder of our lives, we all always be there for one another. Although we grow apart and live separate lives, we each still hold a place for one another somewhere inside.

As we go our separate ways in our walks of life, communication often becomes lost. Even without communication, once united, we spiritually never part.


Ten years have passed and your beloved friends are either living in or moving closer to their dreams. So are you. Some of you play catchup while others have long become overwhelmed with what life has thrown at them. While your times together have not been forgotten, they are surly repressed.

Someday, an act of tragedy is placed upon a member of your impenetrable group.

Reality sets in. Maybe we are not so indestructible.

Regret sets in. Maybe we could have changed our ways.

Thoughts and questions overtake us. We just don’t know the answer anymore.

What I believe we are experiencing here is a loss of child-like qualities due to the abrupt changes in our adult life.

Congratulations, you have became The Archetype. 

Graduate. Go to College. Fall in Love. Get a Job. Start A Family. Advance in Career. Buy a Home. Work. Retire. The End.

Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with a linear lifestyle for some, it’s not for me.

After the recent events of a wonderful friend of mine, I have been able to finally touch base with reality. The reality that I am not invincible. That I am not even able to take a few hits, like I once imagined. Up until this point I have been living life at half speed, only being able to enjoying things here and there. Never being fully capable of taking the world as my own or creating a life for me, but instead, I have been living a life I was handed.

Historic Abingdon. Aerial.  Virginia Tourism Corporation,

Nestled safely within the Appalachian Mountain ranges in Southwest Virginia; the small town above is the one I have called home for the past 26 and one half years of my life. I NEED SOMETHING MORE.

I have previously declared 2015 to be MY YEAR. My year of possibilities, changes, and finding the answers to many of my life’s questions. I am planning something, and it’s BIG. So big that only I will be ready. This is a positive change. A change so great, my life will never be the same again. It’s time to start living life exactly how I want with no regard to what could happen, however what will happen…if I do not do this.

I am going to take a risk. Possibly the biggest risk I can take. For on this game of life, I am going all in. 

Whereas my small town of Abingdon Virginia has been my playground for 26 years…This will become my sandbox:


Perhaps my thought process is not the same as yours, however I want it all, or nothing at all. Today, I have vowed to dismantle my archetype, and create my own vessel. 

Best Regards,

– Chad

P.S. I want to leave you with some lyrics which are influential to my life, and describe my thoughts to perfection.

Alive in the Lights – Memphis May Fire

From the beginning I knew I was different.
I embraced it, but you didn’t.
Your normal life, nine to five,
It’s just not for me.
I need to feel alive!

I won’t fall like the rest of them,
They’ve come and gone with the wind.
I hear the doubt in the back of your mind
But still I’ll see this through to the end.

Maybe if you paid more attention,
Asked more questions and actually listened
You would see this is not just a dream,
But a path I’ve chosen that means everything to me.

Don’t you see the minds that have changed?
Don’t you see the lives that have been saved?
Don’t you care to see the difference I’ve made?

Listen closely, the highways call my name.
Don’t you see this is my everything?
It may not seem right to you
And you might not approve but it’s real.
This is the only thing that makes me feel.

What more do I have to do
To finally prove myself to you?
What is it that you need to see
To finally believe this is who I’m supposed to be?

Most days I feel like your punching bag,
But I would never let it hold me back.
I just wish for once you knew
How it felt to be brought down lower than everything else.

Don’t you care to see the difference I’ve made?
Listen closely, the highways call my name.
Don’t you see this is my everything?
It may not seem right to you
And you might not approve but it’s real.
This is the only thing that makes me feel.

This is who I am! This is my life.
I come alive in the lights!
I come alive in the lights.

What will be written on your tombstone?
You sat behind a desk.
You had no backbone.
What will be written on your tombstone?
You sold your soul, grew old alone.
Would you prefer that I become a lifeless,
Hollow shell such as yourself?
Would you prefer that I give up my dreams
And lose all hope just like everyone else?

Don’t you see the lives that have been saved?
Listen closely, the highways call my name.
Don’t you see this is my everything?
It may not seem right to you
And you might not approve but it’s real.
This is the only thing that makes me feel.